character creation

Give your character their name and description.

Select a culture (race) and occupation (class).

Choose a total of five aspects—one for high concept (which should reflect your class), one for trouble, and three doing from the “crossing paths” exercise together. Somewhere among the five should be at least one selected from the appropriate culture aspects.

Spend 20 skill points, with a cap at 4 (for character creation only). This makes for a neat pyramid if that’s what you want.

Take one occupation stunt and one race stunt for free, and then take three additional stunts of your choice. This leaves you with 3 refresh. You may spent these on stunts or skill dots as desired or you may save them up. You must have at least 1 left at the end. (I recommend having a high refresh, because refresh is awesome.)

If you want to play a religious character, take one aspect that alludes to your commitment to one of the members of the pantheon. You can invoke this aspect for bonuses to any actions that further that particular god’s interests. When you take such an aspect, also add the “Covenant” stress track to your character sheet, which has stress boxes for doing things against that god’s code (e.g. backstabbing someone if you worship Orapos, a misinformation campaign if your worship Lientris, withholding charity if you worship Havah, etc).

character creation

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