The Seven


(See also: Doggerel)

Orapos: The god of light, health, and justice, Orapos is the deity who takes the most interest in combat. He values fairness, steadiness, and good humor.

Lientris: The goddess of magic, scholarship, and the nighttime sky, Lientris is the patroness of science, both physical and philosophical.

Raund: The god of earth, agriculture, and weather, Raund is the provider of food and water and is a patron anything involving building or digging.

Havah: The goddess of warmth, hospitality, and fertility, Havah is the guardian of the home. Many of her clerics are healers; others harness the power of fire.

Kalketh: The god of woodcraft, hunting, and travel, Kalketh rules over the forests, the animals, and other wild forms of life.

Meamiri: The goddess of the ocean, passion, and art, Meamiri is a capricious muse. Her clerics attend sailing ships or serve as artists and poets.

Jommarun: The ruling deity over memory, choice, and death, Jommarun is worshiped by historians, ascetics, and the afraid. He and she is the shepherd of the dead, guiding their spirits across the barrier to judgment and beyond.

The seven great gods work together; their interests and spheres of influence sometimes overlap.

The Cloud

The Cloud comprises a thousand or more gods and goddesses of Entropy. The name does not imply an organization or even an alliance, but an abstraction by the fragile children of the mortal world, who say prayers and light candles against it.

Violently jealous of the good pantheon and of each other, the gods of hunger, rot, grief, fatigue, madness, jealousy, and so on are fiercely protective of their own unique spheres of influence, however small those may be. Nevertheless, grudging cooperation is not unheard of , for each is dedicated to the general decay, corruption, and fading of the world. Dark priests know their names and garner favor from many at once in order to cast curses and call power to themselves. Like their deities, they are mostly interested in their own ends, and tend not to be particularly loyal to any individual Cloud member (except for those who demand it).

To invoke the power of the Cloud is to invite their ongoing attention and hunger.


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